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How do Final Salary Pensions Work?

Final salary pensions are a special type of workplace pension. Instead of building up a pension pot over time, it provides you with a guaranteed annual income for life, based on your final or average salary.

Your employer contributes to the scheme and is responsible for ensuring there’s enough money at the time you retire to pay your pension income. No matter how complex your current arrangements, get in touch today for defined benefit pension transfer advice and make sure you’re not losing money through bad investments and fees.

Why Hanson Financial Services? 

As an independent pension advisor, we pride ourselves on giving authorised and regulated advice to help people with their retirement planning. We work with you to establish where you want your retirement income to come from, from pensions, savings to other investments. Whether you have defined benefits or defined contribution pensions, we work with you to find the best solution for you, your family and your future. 

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Frequentley Asked Questions

Pension advice that is suited to your personal circumstances has to be given by a pensions advisor and is not free. The cost of this depends on your circumstances,  so contact us to find out more.

In most cases, there is no legal requirement to get financial advice for your pension, it can benefit you to know what your pension options are. Advisors offer opportunities to gain new insights and possibilities with the pension pots at your disposal, so speaking to one can help when it comes to your long-term financial situation.

Independent financial advisors (IFAs) who specialise in pensions, like here at Hanson Financial Services, are often the best choice for you to receive pension advice. Advice from IFAs will be tailored to your circumstances. All advice given by financial advisors here at Hanson Financial Services is explained to you without jargon, so you understand what the consequences will be for you and your future.

The main benefit of getting advice is to show you what possibilities are available for your circumstances. You may find that by getting regulated advice there are more options available to you than you had expected, which will leave you open to having a higher retirement income, securing you the lifestyle you want. 

Other benefits include getting a plan to ensure all your goals and needs are met, both in the short and long term, as well as getting advice on the best decisions for choices that are difficult and complicated.

If you are asking yourself questions about what your retirement income will be, or whether you should consolidate your pension pots, getting advice can help with making these decisions.

Guidance provides you with information about what options are available to you but doesn’t make recommendations about what the best option for you is. This means that when you are offered free, impartial guidance, it is not the same as receiving advice from a pensions advisor as it will not tell you how you should proceed in order to make the most of what you currently have. 

Advice is tailored to you and your circumstances and often comes with a plan that is created to meet your goals and needs, including a range of products that will help you. Another thing to consider is that advice is regulated, while guidance is not, so you will not receive any support from the Financial Conduct Authority if you have problems.

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