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Do you want to know when you’ll be able to retire? Do you know what your guaranteed income will be in retirement? Speaking to a financial planner can help you get retirement advice to help decide the age you’ll be able to retire and what your situation will be when this goes ahead.

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Securing a good retirement lifestyle for clients.

When you look to the future, what do you see? What kind of life are you living in “life after work”? By speaking to one of our experts you can bring those dreams closer to home, and possibly even retire early. 

At Hanson Financial Services, we recognise that retirement is a complex area of financial planning.  As a result, you may be nearing retirement and not know exactly what position you’ll be in when you retire, or even what position you’re in now. With legislation changing all the time, it’s important to get retirement advice to make the best decisions for your future. 

Quite often, the feedback we get from clients after we review their financial plan is: “I never thought that option was possible!” Perhaps you can retire earlier than you previously imagined, or maybe there are investment choices or pension transfers you can make now which could dramatically increase your pension pot later. Our team can provide the insight and analysis you need to make the right decisions for you, your family and your future.

What we can help with

Knowing your retirement options and retirement income is crucial to knowing when you will be able to retire. This ranges from knowing when you’ll be able to claim your state pension to understanding the different pension schemes you’re part of. 

If you’ve worked in many different jobs over the years and have lots of pension pots, we can assess these and make recommendations as to how they can best benefit you in retirement. This could be through transfers, consolidation or something else entirely. Knowing your pension options can help make your retirement comfortable, and could even bring your retirement date closer.  

How it works

We talk through your retirement strategy, goals and position to date – and where you want to take these in the near future.

Our team runs a thorough analysis of your pensions and overall financial plan, as well as looking at legislation and your situation to give you an idea of how those affect when you will be able to retire.

We give you a  comprehensive set of recommendations, in a clear and actionable plan which is easy to understand.

We implement the plan and review your portfolio with you regularly, to ensure it moves in the right direction over the long term.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    This depends entirely on what kind of lifestyle you want to live and what pensions, savings and investments you currently have. Speaking to a financial advisor can help you work out where you are in relation to the kind of income you will want for your retirement, and how to get there.

    Speaking to a financial advisor before you retire will help you establish what kind of income you will have, and will include both defined benefit and defined contribution pensions, as well as advice on how you can maximise these during your retirement to maintain the lifestyle you want.

    Yes, we are regulated financial advisors and can give advice on whether or not you should transfer your defined benefit pension

    After an initial consultation, we will check state and private pensions to see what kind of income you will receive from these. We will also establish if you are in a position to receive benefits, help you track down lost pensions and give you advice on any personal pensions you may have.

    Independent financial advisors (IFAs) who specialise in pensions, like here at Hanson Financial Services, are often the best choice for you to receive pension advice. Advice from IFAs will be tailored to your circumstances. All advice given by financial advisors here at Hanson Financial Services is explained to you without jargon, so you understand what the consequences will be for you and your future.

    The main benefit of getting advice is to show you what possibilities are available for your circumstances. You may find that by getting regulated advice there are more options available to you than you had expected, which will leave you open to having a higher retirement income, securing you the lifestyle you want. 

    Other benefits include getting a plan to ensure all your goals and needs are met, both in the short and long term, as well as getting advice on the best decisions for choices that are difficult and complicated.

    If you are asking yourself questions about what your retirement income will be, or whether you should consolidate your pension pots, getting advice can help with making these decisions.

    Guidance provides you with information about what options are available to you but doesn’t make recommendations about what the best option for you is. This means that when you are offered free, impartial guidance, it is not the same as receiving advice from a pensions advisor as it will not tell you how you should proceed in order to make the most of what you currently have. If you want guidance rather than advice, we can offer that, or you can contact a charity like Pension Wise

    Advice is tailored to you and your circumstances and often comes with a plan that is created to meet your goals and needs, including a range of products that will help you. Another thing to consider is that advice is regulated, while guidance is not, so you will not receive any support from the Financial Conduct Authority if you have problems.

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